Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Up!!!!

Ok, so I know its been forever an a day since I wrote something.... Please forgive me... lol
Well here I am again and I really don't know what to write I will post some pics from Disney. We went last saturday and took my mom. I am really happy that my mom is here visiting all the way from Sinaloa, Mexico... For those of you who don't know where that is... Look @ a map people!!! lol just joking. Sinaloa is in the west coest of Mexico right across from the lower part of South Baja... But N E Ways... Enough geography for today... I am really really happy my mom is here!!! yeah!!! I had not seen her for about a year and 1/2 (thats a very long time not to see your mother!) and I had really been missing her and my dad lately... you all pray that I get to see my dad soon too!
Sooo yes I am happy to have my mami around even if its for a few weeks only.
PLEASE, PLEASE , PLEASE Pray for my 3 month olb baby nephew Isaac. the Dr. are trying to decide if they want to oparate on him to fix the leak he has in his heart which is causing his longs to work hard... Thank you all that have already bee praying for him... From the bottom of my heart I thank you...
Well here are some pics of the last couple of months.... lol

This is inside aladdin My mom told me that she thinks I look good with a baby!!! lol that I should have one cause I look good as a mommy!!! lol what do you all think???

Here is baby isaac with a big smile on his face!!!
Rachel & I

Touch the icecram and you die!!!