Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Here we go!

So new year, new resolutions right?
I would have to say that my biggest resolution this year is to loose weight... I feel like the older I get the fatter I get aughh! So I have finally decided that I am gonna do something about it! I want to loose 50 Lbs by the summer. Thats my goal... I have sign up with which is a great site to keep an online food jurnal... also it has a lot of help when it comes to work out ideas and food recipes and all this other cool stuff! 8) So yes I am happy to say that I am ready to get back in shape! YEAH ME!!! 8)
This week we ( meaning church family) are gonna be having a week of prayer and fasting, so I don't think I will be writting to much on my jurnal! lol It would look like this:
    Breakfast - nothing
    Lunch -      nothing
    Dinner -     nothing
It would look like this all week! ( hopefully) lol
The good thing about fasting for a week, besides the obvious spiritual advantages is that you usually loose about 5 Lbs... again YEAH ME! lol
So I will keep you all informed to see how I am doing. feel free to leave me any encouraging messages! lol
Also I recently decided that I wanted to learn how to knit... I found size 8 (5 mm) needles @ a 99 c store and I figure ha lets give it a try... so I will soon be posting pictures of how that is going! I am currently working on making a baby blanket... which I will have to say that for having just learned the basics I am doing pretty good! 8)
Well that is it for today... I love you all! 8)