Monday, May 3, 2010

Here we go again!

So here I am again lets see if I can keep up this time... lol
I am in love with a God that is good, that holds my life in His hands! A God that no matter what is always there for me... Let me tell you I have learn so much from Him in the last few months, and yet there is soooo much more to learn from Him! I guess really you never stop learning, His word is full of so much knowledge, it is just amazing! I am in a place in my life where all I can tell God is I want more, I am not satisfied anymore with the knowledge of past miracles and I am tired of hearing about the past experiences of the past generations of the people of God! I am ready for our miracles! It is time to take up the Cross... we need to claim our victory and then move on with the plan of God... So yes, I want more of Jesus... I want to see the miracles promised to our generation... I want to see the souls of our surrounding cities coming to God... I want to see the healing, the miracles, the new babes in Christ... I want to see the Chekinah glory of God.... I want to see the REVIVAL promised to Ontario come to pass... IT IS TIME... we need to make up our mind that we will allow God to use us for His glory, for His kingdom. It is Gods will that we see all this!
God wants to work with us and see us through, he wants to use us for His glory....
I mean what a privelage that the God of glory would take time to comune with us and let us feel His precense... allow us to work for Him!
I love God with all my heart and I know that He has great plans for His peple!!!!
In Jesus name let revival come to Ontario and our surrounding cities!
Thank You Jesus for a revelation of who You are and what your will is!!!