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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rolliepolllies & being in the hands of God

So the other nite I found a rolliepollie in my bathroom, and me being me,I picked it up.... Well if you know anything about rolliepollies they curl into a little ball when you pick them up... It is a way to protect themselves!
after about 30 seconds of being in the palm of my hand it started walking and I guess checking out my hand! lol it walked for a while on my palm and then it walked to the back of my hand I tried to turn my hand so it wouldn't fall but I wasn't able to do it in time.... so it fell of my hand... when it landed it automatically curled itself again and it layed like that for about a minute and then little by little it started to uncurled. but then because it was on its back it couldn't really go anywhere... I let it struggle for a little bit and then I took it and put it on the right side even though it tried to curl itself up AGAIN... lol
It stayed there for a little while until it felt confident and then little by little it started to move away...
and then it was gone...
 You might be thinking, "why is she writing all this about a rolliepollie?" well let me tell you why...
After all this happen it got me to thinking about our walk with God! When we first meat God we are shy and try to curl into a ball of protection cause we don't really know Him and we are afraid... but when we finally trust Him we are able to move within His hand and under His protection! but then sometimes we decide than we want to walk where we shouldn't and God try to keep us safe but we don't want to stay there and we fall away from Him.... and when we are on the ground God goes in and tries to pick us up and again we are afraid to go back to Him because of our failures and we try to go back to our little hiding ball of protection... But God is so good and He is patient with us, He gives us time to get up again and to get comfortable with His presence...  Isn't God AWESOME! I love Him soooo much and I thank Him everyday for being so good with this rolliepollie ( me )
When I fall He helps me get up and He waits and helps me feel comfortable and loved in His presence! Thank you Jesus!