Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Story of Esther (Starting Ontario Youth)

So the youth put together the play of Esther and they did soooooo great... they didn't even practice that long but they did wonderful!!! They did so well that now they are gonna have to do a few more performances!
Here are some pics from last week....
The first 3 are during a practice.
*Here is Meagan, Hannah, Staci & I.... in the Conference Room (AKA the costume room)

* Here is Devin being ..... well.... "DEVIN" (but we still love him!!!)

*Hannah and Ruth beautiful maidens!!! They were soooo funny the one missing here is Meagan the 3 of them were really funny!

*These last 2 are after the dinner and play,and most of the cast is in it.

They did an awesome, awesome, AWESOME JOB!!!