Friday, December 5, 2008

Pray for my sister Ary and Baby Isaac

Hi everyone! Some of you know that my sister Ary is expecting a baby for the 24Th of December and she now knows that she is gonna be induce on the 16Th. Her baby is coming with heart problems and that's why they decided to induced her early... My sister was devastated when they told her after some test that the baby had DiJorge's syndrome which depending of the severity of the syndrome can cause major deformities (Baby Isaac's heart condition is also cause by Dijorge's) Well since then, my sister had an ultrasound showing baby Isaac's face with no deformities which is a major miracles cause they told her that he had a 70% chance that he would have a cleft palette [ hope I spelled that right 8^)] Anyways. I thank God for this awesome miracle!!!! Well I spoke to my sister last night and she was kind of sad, my mom was supposed to be here with my sister to help her out and as of yesterday its more likely she wont make it... my dad has been very sick and has had a fever for the last 3 days! Please pray for him... My mom has decided that she can not leave my dad alone, because my other sisters just cant take care of him... I am sad... but my sisters is more sad. My mom does not know about the baby's problems, my sister was waiting till she got here to tell her cause she did not want to worry her... so she probably wont tell her till after the baby is born and she knows what is gonna happen! thank you for reading my post, and for all your prayers! This is now my way of unloading 8^)
Love all of you my friends