Thursday, December 25, 2008

Quick report on baby Isaac

Here is me, holding Isaac in the NICU

He is just too cute, and he doesn't like Pics... lol

Here mommy was changing
his diaper and he was not too
happy about it...

So Isaac is actually doing really well THANK YOU JESUS!!!
The Dr's almost let him go home for Christmas but decided against it at the last minutes... They just didn't want him to get sick while out of the hospital... They have also decided to postpone the surgery for 2-3 weeks so the baby can get stronger. God is doing so much for this baby... They told my sis ( the Dr's) that most of Isaac's blood test are coming out good, and they are thinking he might not have D'jorges after all... Hooray!!! Obviously he does have something but they are now saying it might be less severe... once again Thank you Jesus. I just gotta say that if people does not believe in miracles, here is one little boy that is only a week old and already a miracle!