Saturday, December 20, 2008

Please Pray For Baby Isaac

Isaac Alexander
Was born Dec. 19 around 4:20 a.m.
he weight 6 1/2 lb
It had been a very long (almost 30 hrs) waiting time for my sister Ari... at one point her Epidural (hope I spelled that right) didn't work any more... so she was in so much pain, she was crying and trying not to. I was totally lost and did not know what to do. when the baby finally came, he was not breathing on his on so they massage his little body to stimulate his lungs and after they cleaned his air way, he cryed weakly then they took him away... It was really sad because my sis could not even hold him... she did not see him till like 10 a.m. when the baby and my sis were being transferred, baby Isaac to NICU and my sis to a regular room. It was heart braking to say the least. My sis started crying and once again I did not know what to do! What do you tell a mother when she can not even hold her newborn child??
Well, that was Friday and the pic. above is what Little Isaac looked like when I left Loma Linda Children's Hospital...And God has already perform miracles in his life!!!
Today I talk to my sis and she told me she got to hold him and she was just so happy!!! she also told me they took the breathing tube out, he is currently breathing on his own & also eating on his own. He is currently eating 5 cc at a time.
I know he has a long road ahead of him still, but I believe that God has His mighty hand on my baby nephew!!!
My sis was told that he will need heart surgery to correct the Troncosis and chamber problem (he has one instead of 2)... that's probably going to be Monday or Tuesday... They also think he might have to have a retina transplant ( that's in the eye), but they have to wait till next Thursday for the pediatric optometrist to see him... What the Dr. that I spoke to, told me was that one of their biggest worries was that he might have an immuno defiance, which can bring on a lot of problems for a baby like Isaac. All of this problems are cause by D'Jorges syndrome which Isaac has...
I just ask for all of you to keep baby Isaac in your prayers and also his mommy and that through this she might be able to get close to God...